Saveur Holiday Cocktail Class Menu

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Flow of Class: Serve 4 holiday themed cocktails each using a different local distiller’s product.

Courtesy of Will Noland of Sidecar

Drink 1

Gin Peppermint Milk Shake

2 oz Greenhook Ginsmisths American Dry Gin

Half large candy cane

4 scoops ice cream

6 drops peppermint oil

3 ice cubes

Crush ice and candy cane in a blender then add ice cream and gin (keep gin in freezer) if too thick add a little more gin, if too thin (this mainly depends on temp of ice cream and gin) add ice cream or ice.
Drink 2

South Slope Poinsettia

3/4 oz Cranberry-hibiscus syrup

1 oz Owneys NYC Rum

Shake and strain into a flute

Top with Cava

Garnish with a lemon twist


Cranberry-hibiscus syrup

1 bag cranberries

1 pint water

1 pint sugar

zest of 1 orange

1/2 cup hibiscus (Jamaican)

4 cloves

4 allspice berries

Zest orange with micro plane and combine with other ingredients (minus clove and allspice) in Dutch oven.  Heat till cranberries begin popping, cover and let go for 3 minutes.  Turn off heat then let cool for 15 minutes.  Run through food mill with small plate, then strain. Grind cloves and allspice in a mortar and add to strained syrup.


Drink 3

The Jesuit

3/4 oz Fever Tree Creme (tonic syrup)

1 oz fresh grapefruit

2 oz Van Brunt Stillhouse Bourbon

Shake, stain into a coupe

Garnish with a lemon peel


Fever Tree Creme

500 ml vodka

1 tbs cinchona

Zest of 1 lime

6 all spice berries cracked

2 tbs citric acid

1/8 tsp kosher salt

1/8 tsp coriander

Combine ingredients and let steep overnight. Strain and add 75% of total liquid volume in sugar. (For example if the liquid is 1000ml add 750ml of sugar.)

Note: After it sits over night the solids will settle into a slurry at the bottom. Try not to disturb them and pour the clear part through a coffee filter leaving the rest behind. This will save you a lot of time straining.


Drink 4

Molasses Milk Punch

3/4 oz Molasses Vanilla Creme

1-1/2 oz 77 Wheat Whiskey

4 oz whole milk

Shaken hard, strained into a double rocks glass no ice.

Garnished with grated nutmeg and a cross of Angostura bitters

Served with a cookie on the side


Molasses Creme

2 vanilla beans

2 oz Grandmas Molasses

Pint vodka

1.5 cups Domino sugar

Poor 1.5 cup of vodka in pitcher. Cut open vanilla beans and remove the caviar with a spoon.  Add to vodka in pitcher and beat to unclump the caviar.  Measure out 2 oz of molasses and add, use reserved vodka to rinse off stuck molasses from jigger or measuring cup and add to rest.  Add sugar and whisk.

Vanilla extract is fine if you don’t have a spot around you with fresh beans. Use about  1/4 tsp.